Psychiatrist Gavrilakis Polydoros was born and raised in Chania. In 2004 he graduated from the Medical School of the University of Patras.

During the two-year period from 2004 to 2005, he worked as a rural physician at the Chania General Hospital and the Kantanou Health Center, providing the local population with primary health services. Afterwards, as part of his military service in the Navy, he served as a doctor in the Internal Medicine Clinic at the Naval Hospital of Crete.

In 2007 and 2008, he attended a two-year postgraduate seminar on Homeopathic Medicine in Athens.

In December 2009 and for two years, he trained as a specialist psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Chania General Hospital. During this time, he took part in training courses on psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

In October 2012, he continued his specialisation at the Psychiatric Clinic of the University General Hospital of Heraklion. Specifically, he worked in the Acute Cases Department and in the Short-term Hospitalisation Department, and spent six months working in Interconnective Psychiatry, providing mental health services to patients in other clinics at the University Hospital of Heraklion. He also trained in Community Psychiatry, working with patients at the University General Hospital of Heraklion Post-hospital Psychiatric Accommodation unit and other psychosocial rehabilitation units. He also worked with the University Psychiatric Clinic Mobile Unit offering high-level psychiatric services to patients in Moira Health Clinic, in Charaka Health Clinic and in Arkalochori health Clinic. During his work as a specialist, he participated in the University Psychiatric Clinic Outpatient Programme, working with a large number of outpatients for two consecutive years.

While pursuing his specialization at the University Psychiatric Clinic of University General Hospital of Heraklion, he was trained in Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy and also attended courses in systemic-family psychotherapy.

He also trained in Forensic Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry at the University General Hospital of Heraklion.

In September 2015 he received the title of Specialist in Psychiatry and in January 2016 he opened his private practice in Chania.

The doctor provided psychotherapy services via Skype to a member of the Greek National Team in the 2016 Olympic Games both before and during the games.

During his career to date, he has participated in Greek and international conferences with posted announcements.