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Psychiatrist-psychotherapist Gavrilakis Polydoros has a practice in Chania, where he offers high-level personalised services to treat any type of mental illness or psychological problem.

The practice is housed in a welcoming, modern space which has been designed to create a comfortable atmosphere.  The psychiatrist treats a wide range of conditions with absolute respect and complete responsibility an his primary goal is always to help of the patient directly and quickly.

The psychiatrist treats each patient as a separate personality, guiding him and advising him on any problems that are affecting him and making his life difficult. He is also a specialist in the Psychiatric Clinic of the University General Hospital of Heraklion.  He has great success treating patients with Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy, which is the most well-documented treatment worldwide for the treatment of anxiety and depression without using drugs. This treatment is short (12-20 sessions) and effective in a wide range of mental disorders and psychological problems.

Contact the secretarial staff at psychiatrist Gavrilakis' medical office in Chania to make an appointment for a personal session either at the office or online.


An Papandreou & Ktistaki 1, Chania

Tel.: +30 28210 53112